Title: Armand (The Unmagic Trilogy #2) // Author: Amaya Ash

Date of publication: October 22nd 2020 by Amaya Ash // Print length: ebook, 269 pages

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Leonie is struggling: she’s still recovering from the events of the previous book, Armand won’t talk to her, and somebody has just tried to kidnap her, though she doesn’t know why. Suddenly, Armand runs away from the palace without explanation.

Leonie is determined to find him before the other Knifecloaks can hunt him down and kill him for desertion. She discovers that he’s smuggled himself into a magic-fearing island called Izuli, and when the island’s Chancellor invites Leonie to visit as a diplomat, she accepts the risky opportunity to track Armand down. The Chancellor, however, has her own hidden motivations for inviting Leonie to the island, and Leonie soon realizes that she’s more of a prisoner than a guest.

Trigger Warnings: child torture, death, blood, violence, abuse, PTSD

Diversity Tags: POC representation (most characters from the main cast are brown) + the author is POC.

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As you know from the review I posted two days ago, Armand was everything I wished for. I decided to make a little mood board, so all of you know what to expect before diving into the read. This book reminded me of France in the XVI century, alongside dark academia and a pinch of dark cottage core. Without further ado, here is what I had in mind!


My previous book was published by a traditional publishing house under a different name. It was chosen as one of the Booklist Best Books; was nominated for YALSA’s Best Fiction for Young Adults; was a finalist for the Canadian Children’s Book Centre Awards; and was featured in the New York Times, Publisher’s Weekly in a starred review, Booklist in a starred review, and Kirkus Reviews in a starred review. Now I’m self-publishing for the first time.

Some editorial reviews for my previous book:

  • “Frankly spellbinding.” – The New York Times
  • “Eye-opening and inspiring.” – The LA Times
  • “Thrilling. A breath of fresh air.” – Publisher’s Weekly
  • “Unique… Feels like a breeze in the desert.” – Booklist
  • “Exhilarates and refreshes.” – Kirkus Reviews

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