Book Tour| A playlist inspired by Taking the Fall by Kally Ash

I do have the weirdest, most varied taste in music. I can’t say I only have one a music genre I like, but I listen to a bit of everything and I think that is reflected in this playlist. When I signed up for the blog tour organized by Magic Pen Books and saw the idea of a creative post I just couldn’t pass it by. I want to divide this playlist into two section. The first contains songs that I think correspond to the general atmosphere of the book Taking the Fall by Kally Ash, while in the second section I picked songs that I think describe certain moments in the book.

  1. Songs that reflect the atmosphere of the book
  • Beth Crowley – Warrior
  • Katie Sky – Monsters
  • The score – Rush
  • Jonathan Roy – Keeping Me Alive
  • The script – Underdog
  • Jack Savoretti – Breaking the Rules

2. Songs that remind me of my favorite moments in the book or characters

  • Kygo, Zak Abel – Freedom (representing the Nick’s newly refound freedom)
  • Avril Lavigne – Head Above Water (as a reminder that times are tough and we need to hold on)
  • Avril Lavigne – Hello Kitty (in hounor of Bliss and her colorfull, naive and bubbly personality)
  • Camila Cabello – Bad Things
  • Gabrelle Alpin – Please Don’t Say You Love Me
  • Hannah Mae – Little Things (so we dont forget to enjoy the little things in life)
  • One Direction – Little Things (just as Nick started to appreciate every little difference between his life in prison and his life now; enjoying every single little detail)
  • Tears for Tears – Shout (we all sometimes want to shout their frustrations and worries, and I think this can apply to Alex too)
  • Harry Styles – Sign of the Times
  • Linkin Park – Castle of Glass
  • City Wolf – Protector (it reminds me of Nick’s protectiveness)
  • Imagine Dragons – Bad Liar
  • Walking On Cars – Speeding Cars (Alex is a mechanic, so a song related to cars was mandatory)
  • Citizen Soldgier – Would Anyone Care
  • Avril Lavigne – Warrior
  • Geddy Lee – Grace to Grace
  • Rush – Freewill
  • Styx – Renegade
  • The Ronettes – Be My Baby (Nick and Alex’s relationship reminds me of this song)

I wish I could explain more why I chose each song for this book, but sadly I can’t due to spoilers. My advice, and the best one I can give, is to listen to this playist and read this phenomenal book and judge for yourself. Let me know what songs would you recommend for this book. Have you read it? Has any song gave you the vibes this book have?

I will post a review for this book later today, so stay tuned for that. I hope you enjoyed this post!


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