Rekindled Prophecy: Greylyn the Guardian Angel by KC Freeman

Title: Rekindled Prophecy

Author: KC Freeman

Date of publication: November 2019

Publisher: Zimbell House Publishing

Print length: 278

Genre: Romance, Paranormal, Fantasy, Contemporary

Edition: E-book

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signature-fonts ★★★★★

Character Development 9/10, Atmosphere 10/10, Writing Quality 9/10, Plot 9/10, Intrigue 9/10, Logic 10/10, Enjoyment 9/10, Overall 9.28/10 equals to 5\5 stars.


I was able to find this book on BookSirens, and I managed to get a copy in exchange for an honest review. I read the synopsis and thought that this book is straight-up my ally. I love angel books that focus on good and evil, and the thin boundary between the two, so I was very excited to get started with this book. I liked it so much that I devoured the story.

Greylyn is a guardian angel who saves innocent humans from their inner demons or the influence of the evil around them. She tries to take some time off duty to relax and recharge her batteries, but when she arrives at the B&B, she finds Kael there. He was her archenemy and a dark guardian who was already entrenched at the authentic Irish bed and breakfast. In that moment, she knows her vacation is over before it ever started. In a deadly gamble that Greylyn can’t avoid, she ends up working with Kael to protect innocent lives. However, there is still much they don’t know about the situation they are in. They are in over their heads, as a notorious fallen archangel holds the lives of a mother and her unborn child over Greylyn’s head. A dormant prophecy, so deadly that Heaven didn’t even write down.

Events take place chronologically, and the reader can see everything as it happens. The story was consistent, with big intrigue moments sprinkled here and there, making the pacing of the book fast. The main intrigue was around an old prophecy and Kelly’s pregnancy. In the beginning, the story-line reminded me of White Hot Kiss by Jennifer L. Armentrout, but I could also see a lot of differences. I substantially enjoyed Greylin and Kael’s banter, although they were enemies. The action skips through centuries to depict their relationship and how Kael has always kept an eye on Greylin. This and their behaviour thowards one another make the reader anticipate the love story between the two. In my opinion, their relationship, although they’ve been physically close to one another, was a slow burn.

Greylyn is the main female character. She was reborn to serve for good, to save people from evil and themselves. Her teacher was another guardian angel, Jasper Moreau, of french origin. He is a handsome man, with many qualities, and he is an important figure in Greylyn’s life as an angel. Although he finds Greylyn attractive and would like to be more than just her partner, she wants to keep their relationship strictly professional. Kael is the male protagonist, a dark guardian. He and Greylyn has undeniable chemistry from the moment they first meet. Even though they are mortal enemies, and them fighting constantly over the centuries, they never make to the ultimate act of killing the other. Moreover, Kael even saves Greylyn’s life quite a few times. While the story unfolds, we discover that their attraction might not be just a coincidence, but the result of something greater. Kael seems to know more about the situation he and Greylyn end up in while protecting Kelly and her unorn. However, his knowledge is still limited. Their relationship is interesting to watch as it develops, although at times it is not the best. Greylin is looking weak and confused. She can’t undnerstand the part of Kael that wants to help her and she is loosing her head around him. For me that wasn’t a problem and it didn’t affect my enjoyment. All characters of the book were round, dynamic, well developed, interesting and one could easily tell they are part of a novel and even more, of a series.

The atmosphere and scenery were quite diverse. From New York to the Shenandoah Mountains in Ireland to a different century in Paris, this book had it all! It was whimsical, and it grabbed my attention. I couldn’t wait to find out more, to read more, to imagine more about the landscapes and characters. I think this is one of those stories you keep in your head a while after you read it. One of those stories you still dream about at night just because you didn’t get to the end. To me, the atmosphere was just pure perfection. The author knew how to add to the story through description: making it more dramatic, more sensible, scarier. I had that great feeling of reading a mystery and having to put clues together to figure out what big event would come up next. Some of them were obvious, some of them were impossible to guess, but it added to the charm of this book.

I liked the writing, although it’s not the easiest to read. As a non-native English speaker, I found some words I didn’t know the meaning of, but I liked that the reading this book was also an opportunity to learn. Keep in mind that this book might not be the best for someone who struggles with understanding English, but for people who already have more than basic knowledge.

I can’t wait to read more from this author, and especially from this series. The overall enjoyment I had while reading Rekindled Prophecy was above the average of this year, and with everything else, resulting in a good rating. I would recommend this book to the younger readers, as I think they would find it more appealing. However, I wouldn’t encourage anyone under the age of 14 to read this book, as it has remarks regarding sexual content. Be aware that the story tackles miscarriage, which could be sensitive content.


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