New Rating System and Why I Changed the Old One

Hello bookworms!

Today I am posting more of an announcement than anything else. As you can see from the title, I decided to change (to upgrade, more likely) my rating system. I’ve been using the exact rating system since I started the blog (May 2020), and I feel like it is time for a change.

I decided to keep having the rating parted into points because I think it gives a better perspective over the work I am discussing. I can rate a book three stars because the character development was problematic, but I can also rate a book three stars because the writing was hard to understand. Having divided points helps the readers and the author see where the problem with the book is (if there’s any).

With that being said, I will bring a new point called DIVERSITY. I will rate books in the function of how diverse they are. If the book contains only straight white characters, this point will automatically have zero out of five. I think it is important to start to represent minorities in media. We have to start normalizing black characters as protagonists, queer representation, Muslim people with important roles, etc. Now, if the book has only straight white characters, but it deals with heavy subjects, such as racism, ableism, colourism, mental and physical health issues, without romanticising them, the rating will be five out of five. If the book solidly deals with racism but sees colourism as being something acceptable, my rating will drop.

Also, if the book gives a wide and good perspective over other cultures, this is considered culture diversity, and I take that into consideration.

Of course, there are nuances, and I will explain in each post why I gave the book a certain rating for diversity and not another.

This new point isn’t made for authors as they should know their book is problematic. Before publishing, their book is edited and the publisher has to make sure they know their novel is questionable. I made this point for the readers, so they can know beforehand if they want to support or not that particular author.


  • Writing Quality x/5,
  • Character Development x/5,
  • ‘Couldn’t put it down’ – ness x/5,
  • Diversity x/5,
  • Intellectual Depth x/5,
  • Originality x/5,
  • Overall x/5 stars.

If any of you has any questions, please ask! I do not want to leave such a subject to controversy, and I certainly do not want to make anybody uncomfortable.


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Hi! I usually write book-related content, such as TBR, reviews, book tours and book tags, but recently I dove deeper into politics, religion, sex and even history. I write posts where I educate people about important subjects, and I hope to see you on my blog soon!

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