My August TBR

The original picture was taken by Sufana on Pinterest. You can find the original pin here.

With university starting around the corner and just having finished exams about a month ago, most of my time was spent watching TV shows, movies and hanging out with my family as I know I won’t see them for at least few months until I will return home. I do love reading, but the thing is that it wasn’t really a priority for me lately.  I decided to participate in Disney-a-thon in order to pick up my reading peace.  I loved the prompts and the teams and I decided to give it a try. I am making part of the Beauty and the Beast team. Even though I’m having a kind of late start, here is my TBR for it and for the month.

Belle – Read a book with a grand adventure

Beast – Read a book with a misuderstood character

Lumiere – Read a book you predict will be 5 star

Cogsworth – Read a book where time is running out for the character

Chip – Read the group book

Some other books I would love to get to this month or finish are:

I already started this book and I read quite a bit from it. The story was really good, but for some reason I haven’t finished it yet and I would like to change that

I am so wanting to read this graphic novel and somehow I haven’t made the time to get through it. That must change soon!

I found the audiobook and I would like to give it a try. I know nothing about it so I’m trying my luck with, but I am excited.

Am I killing myself to get through all these books? Of course not, but I would love to, and I want to do my best in achieving it. I know it’s a lot considering last month I only finished two books, but I am up for this chellenge. We’ll see how this goes at the end of the month and through some other posts.

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