ARC REVIEW: An Uneasy Alliance by Kyra Radcliff

Title: An Uneasy Alliance

Author: Kyra Radcliff

Date of publication: April 27th, 2020

Publisher: Dawn Hill Publications LTD

Print lenght: Kindle Edition, 182 pages

Genre: Romance, Contemporary, Fiction, Women Literature

Edition: ebook

You can buy this book from: Amazon

signature-fonts ★★★★☆

Character Development 7/10, Atmosphere 9/10, Writing Quality 9/10, Plot 8/10, Intrigue 7/10, Logic 9/10, Enjoyment 8/10, Overall 8.14/10 which is 4/5 stars.


I have received this book in exchange of an honest review. I got the chance to choose one book out if three that had, in my opinion, the most appealing synopsis and I am really grateful for that. The beginning of this book was by far one of the best I have read lately; it was intriguing, fast peaced and not to hard to focus on or understand. I didn’t expect it to be a new favorite book, but I couldn’t see my rating of this book being lower than 4 stars. Even though the beginning was great, there were parts of the story I didn’t enjoy that much.

She was just a common visitor, she had been informed, with only the rights that other visitors had but was welcome to contact the Mayor of London if she felt slighted.

The story follows a sister who came to rescue her brother from jail. He swears he has been framed, that he is innocent. Set on saving his brother, without using her powers as mayor, as her brother requested, Katherine finds herself agreeing to a deal of working for the handsome Tate Reilly to organize some social events for two weeks in exchange for dropping the charges against her brother. Moreover, she is to keep her brother away from his sister. But things take an unexpected turn and it’s not long before the searing attraction between them threatens to consume them both. When tables turn and Tate finds himself on the other end of the stick, Katherine throws him the same deal that he’s thrown her.

Why was he making her go through with it? What had he to gain by making her stay?

The plot was, in my opinion, original. I haven’t seen this kind of approach in any other book I have read so far. It was very pleasant to see the behind the scene activities that led to a successful social event and the dynamics of the team behind. Events were chronologic and easy to follow. I did enjoy the romance, despite the fact that I more often than not wasn’t a fan of the romantic interest. Even more than the romance I like the family relationships between the siblings. To my surprise, I enjoyed the few political elements of the story (Katherine being the mayor of a little town called Blissmore).

He should have been satisfied with the outcome, having successfully reigned in his desires and humiliated her in the process. Why, then, wasn’t he feeling satisfied?

Oh, boy! Let’s talk characters cause it’s going to be a long story. Katherine was an enjoyable character. I could relate to her and I could understand her ambition and her easy-to-see emotions. She was a dynamic, round main character just like Tate Reilly. The male main character and romantic interest, Tate was very annoying. I could understand why he thought Katherine was a gold digger, given the lies her brother told Tate’s sister. What I couldn’t understand and annoyed me was his bipolar reactions that were emotionally abusive then sweet and caring or the other way around. Even if he was upset on Katherine’s brother and his sister behavior was the sudden and constant emotional abuse and his yelling necessary? And how on Earth him kissing Katherine after making her fall asleep crying a couple of days in a row is even acceptable? And don’t even get me started on hid misogynistic comments from the beginning of the book. Other than Tate not being my cup of tea as a character, the others were likable and also well developed. I liked how Mrs. Maple could keep Tate in check every now and then. The dynamics of the working environment was a great added bonus.

‘Thank you, Mr. Reilly.’ ‘Call me Tate,’ he ordered. ‘We’re fairly informal around here. Except for Mrs. Maple. She’s a bit old-fashioned . May I call you Katherine? Or do you prefer Kate?’ ‘I prefer Katherine,’ she said automatically. ‘Katherine it is!’

I liked Kyra’s writing a lot. Her descriptions were good and the dialog was funny most of the time and almost always pleasant to read, however, I didn’t enjoy that much her ability of story telling. The thing is, I found certain parts to repeat over and over again to the point were it started to get on my nerves. I get that it could be useful to mention that Katherine wakes up late, but does it add to the story if it appears in every chapter this little piece of information?

‘I prefer the kitchen too, but Manfred and Janice refused to serve us there. Sometimes I wonder who’s the boss.’

The atmosphere of this book was special to me. The action takes place in the UK, which is a place close to my heart. I loved the description of the places, the settings, the people… to me the atmosphere created by this book was magical and beautiful and it made me feel at peace.

His apology had charmed her too with its simplicity and sincerity.

Would I like to read another book from this author? Of course I would! I did like the plot and the writing and most of the characters, even though I also had my problems with this book, as stated above. Overall I think this is a great summer read, especially is you are looking for a quick, fun, not very heavy beach read sort of book. I did love the setting of the events and the atmosphere it created. The dynamic between characters was great. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to read this book, but I think it would be the most appealing to new adults or young adults older than 15 or 16 due to the slight sexual touch to the story.


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