ARC REVIEW: The Billionaire Needs a Bodyguard by Ravina Hilliard

Title: The Billionaire Needs a Bodyguard

Author: Ravina Hilliard

Date of publication: February 4th, 2020

Publisher: Dawn Hill Publications LTD

Print length: Kindle edition, 185 pages

Genre: Romance, Adult, Fiction

Edition: ebook

You can buy this book from Amazon

signature-fonts ★★★★☆

Writing Quality 5/5, Character Development 5/5, ‘Couldn’t put it down’ – ness 4/5, Intellectual Depth 3/5, Originality 4/5, Overall 4.2/5.


At first, I wasn’t convinced about the bodyguard trope, but I gave this book a try anyway. The synopsis didn’t convince me, and I wasn’t sure I would like the book. Here I am now, after devouring it in only a few hours, telling you all how much I loved it.

First off, I can’t get over how easy it was to read, and how simple and clear the writing style was! The beginning was not extraordinarily written. While reading the first few pages, I had the feeling that the author was telling me about the story instead of showing me the course of it. Not long after I reached the second part of the first chapter, things started to get better. I got hooked into the story, and I couldn’t put it down until finished.

The characters were well-written, and at the end of the book, I could sense some character development (at least for Michael). What I couldn’t stand and from time to time, and made me pull my eyes off my head was how self-deprecating Lex was! She was so self-conscious about the way she looked even if everybody around her told her she was beautiful. I understand that every person has insecurities, but I felt like she was exaggerating! I liked that the story was written from two points of view (Michael and Lex/Sasha), and I think it helped a lot regarding my understanding of their backstories.
Even if there were many other characters presented in the book, I never felt the need to turn back pages because I was confused about what character the author was showing me.

‘Don’t be ridiculous! Of course she wasn’t! Why would she care about a nobody like me? And… shw was only there for a minute’. […]

‘Have you seen her? She’s gorgeous! I am no match for a movie star.

*Let’s say that this amount of insecurity is harmelss, but in every chapter Lex said something about how unattractive she was. It annoyed me!

One minor detail that angered me was the fact that Lex had curly hair, but the cover was showing off a girl with straight hair. I know this isn’t a big deal, but it is nice when you have a picture of the described character, and they match!

She ran her fingers through her curly hair. It was an uninspiring black and totally uncontrollable.

Now let me talk a bit about the ending. The last chapter started quite good and entertaining, but when I reached the 99% mark, and there were only three pages left, it got way too cheesy in too little time. It made me roll my eyes quite a few times, but it didn’t bother me overall.

I would recommend this book for the avid romance lovers, and I could see myself trying off some other books by Ravina Hilliard.

Thank you to Dawn Hill Publications for the ebook to review!


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