Legally Seduced by Taylor Brent

Title: Legally Seduced

Author: Taylor Brent

Date of publication: May 22nd, 2019


Print lenght: Kindle Edition, 46 pages

Genre: Romance, Contemporary, Adult

Edition: ebook

You can buy this book from: Amazon

signature-fonts ★★☆☆☆

Character Development 4/10, Atmosphere 4/10, Writing Quality 8/10, Plot 2/10, Intrigue 1/10, Logic 6/10, Enjoyment 6/10, Overall 4.43/10 which is 2/5 stars.


I chose to read this book because it was short and I felt like I needed a quick read. Honestly, I knew nothing about the author, but I did like the cover and I usualy like reading romance. I had no expectation of how good the book was going to be, and I was plesantly surprised. It wasn’t a book I am thrilled to have read it.

The story follows Scarlett who is a lawyer and Liam, the co-owner of Nova Tech, a big company. The actions floats around the desire of Nova Tech to buy a smaller company represented by Scarlett. That was almost everything that happened in the book, and, for me, the plot didn’t do it. I found the plot to just a way of having a plot and not being just romance. The first negociation meeting was so that the two characters would meet, the tension in the relationship were conditioned by the plot and so on and so forth. There was a lot of unnecessary drama, only to cause tention between the main characters.

I found the characters to resemble real people, but there was no development, and I thought they were kind of bland. The book focused on only two characters: Scarlett, who was annoying and flat, and Liam, who, as a character, was just average. All the other characters appeared episodically, and they weren’t involved enough to actually make an opinion on them.

The writting was enjoyable. For me it was the only thing that kept me reading. I would like to try out a novel from this author in the future to see if the plot and the characters are better developed. The writting was easy to follow, there were no spelling mistakes and it added to the story.

Personally, I don’t think this book was for me. I might have liked the book more if it had a different plot. Unfortunatly, as it was, I would not recommend this novella.


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