24 H Readathon Experience

The original picture was taken by Sufana on Pinterest. You can find the original pin here.

I am currently in the hassle of finishing my application to University, finding accommodation and trying to manage multiple projects such as this blog while I am in a horrible reading slump. Therefore my content for the blog is well behind and while I’m trying to catch up life is happening and it’s not slowing down. I was inspired by a Booktuber, Ciara Foster, who posted a video called Reading like Rory Gilmore for a day. I love the Gilmore Girls, I always wanted to try a 24-h readathon, so I decided to adapt it to work for myself. As fascinating as it is to read books from Rory Gilmore’s reading list, and as much as I love classics, due to my lack of motivation to read I decided to pick, more modern books. And as I know how bad my body reacts to coffee, I will switch between coffee and tea throughout the readathon.

My TBR for this readathon:

I am not going to lie; I am maybe the biggest mood reader there is. Therefore I will pick more books than I can read just so I have what to choose from.

I started this book last night, I read a chapter from it before falling asleep and I really enjoyed it. I don’t know how well developed the plot will be, but I do like the romance story so far.

I never read a book by Taylor Brent, but I do like TV shows about lawyers, and I think it’s high time I give a book on this theme a try. I don’t have any expectations whatsoever as I know very little about the plot, but everyone needs a short read every now and then. This will be my novella for this readathon.

7:45 PM – the first day

My first drink of the readathon is Sencha Green tea by Basilur. I think it’s ok, perhaps one of the best green tea I have read. I do still prefer black tea anytime.

I will start by reading “Legally Seduced” by Taylor Brent as it is the shortest and I would love to finish at least one book tonight. I will check in again later when I have any updates to make on this book. It shouldn’t get me too long to get through it.

10:10 PM – the first day

It is a Gilmore Girls inspired readathon that doesn’t have the end goal of reading books on the Rory Gilmore reading list but to devour and enjoy as many books as possible just as Rory would do. In honour of my love for the TV show Gilmore Girls, I have done some related quizzes on BuzzFeed and on Quotev.

On BuzzFeed, I did the Which “Gilmore Girls” Character Matches Your Personality During Quarantine? and the results said I am like Rory. It’s true that I have been trying to keep organised and have some sort of a structure during quarantine too, so it isn’t all that different from normality. On Quotev, I did Which Gilmore Girls Character Are You? in which I identified with Lorelai Gilmore.

As for reading, I am currently 30% in “Legally Seduced” by Taylor Brent and I like it so far. It isn’t plot-heavy, but more like romance-driven, being exactly what I seem to need right now. I have been alternating between reading, writing posts and watching Harry Potter with my family, so my attention was a little divided between activities, all of which were very enjoyable.

6:00 PM – the second day

My second drink of the readathon is Earl Gray, one of my favourite teas. I just love it! You can never go wrong with Earl Gray.

After a long day of running back and forth and running errands, I have managed to finish reading the first book of this readathon. “Legally Seduced” by Taylor Brent was an ok book. It was a sexy time kind of read where the plot was only a means of trying to add something to the relationship. I would overall give it 3 stars, and I will post a more in-depth review soon. I will try to read some more of “Russian Bad Boy’s Princess” by Bella Rose, which seems to be up for a great start.

7:45 PM and conclusions

I managed to get to 10% in my second book and so far, so good. The plot it’s slow, but I am enjoying it. Do I have any chance of finishing this book tonight? Definitely no.
This readathon got me the chance to realise that I am far from being able to have a Rory Gilmore reading day. I could improve on my reading speed and the number of books I can finish in a day. However, today I read more than I have in the last weeks, so I consider it a win. Will I have another reading day like this? For sure, I will. I also want to participate in the Reading Rush, so another reading experience post will come quite soon. Maybe a whole week focused on reading will help me to catch up with my Goodreads Goal and take a couple books off my TBR. Would you be interested in me announcing and hosting a readathon like this on Twitter? We could have reading sprints, and I could create some printables for it. Let me know in the comments or by messaging us.


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