Mid-Year Book Freakout Tag 2020

The original picture was taken by Sufana on Pinterest. You can find the original pin here.

I have been wanting to do this tag for ages, but I didn’t feel like I was reading enough and I didn’t have a blog to post it on. Even though I am behind on my Goodreads Reading goal, I decided this is the time to answer to these questions for the first time. I saw this tag on Youtube on many chanelles for the last few years and it seemed something I would like to do. I must admit that I am using this tag as a way to post something as I wasn’t able to read lately so I don’t have a review ready to go. So I am taking the time to get back on track with my blog work by making and answering fun tags and other fun posts.

This tag was created by Ely and Chami. Here you have the links to their youtube channels.

1) The Best Book You Have Read in 2020

This was by far the most complex, most well developed book I have read this far in 2020. I think I would have enjoyed the story a lot more if I could have had more time to read it at once, not spread it over the couse of two moths and having multiple days in a row where I don’t read at all, but that’s just me and my reading preferance. I decided to read this series as I have watched the TV show last year and really enjoyed it and I wanted to know what would happen next. I must admit that there where plenty of things that were different in the book than in the TV show, however I didn’t mind that. For me that was a good thing as I didn’t know everything that would happen and still was surprised by the story.

2) The Best Sequel You Have Read so Far in 2020

There is no doubt that I loved this book! For me this book was a plesant surprise as I didn’t enjoy very much the first book. I already have a review up on the blog in which I get more in depth about my thoughts on it. This book made the duology in my opinion and it was a rollercoster that took me through the whole emotion range: from happines to crying and more. I highly recommend you look more into it.

3) New release you haven’t read yet, but want to

I have read one book by Kylie Scott and really enjoyed it, but I haven’t heard of Audrey Carlan before. This book came out in May and I think it is an interesting perspective to read about as it deals with current times. This book followes a sportsman star who gets stuck in a friend’s appartment during a pandemic. In his building leaves a writer and I can only assume there will be a love-story between the two. I love romance so I have high expectations of this book. I thik it has a lot of potencial and I like that it deals with a world-wide phenomenon that we are all going through in an imaginative way.

4) Most anticipated release for the second half of the year

I got an arc of this book on Netgally. I find the main idea of the story to be trully interesting. I have interacted to people with autism before, more than once and I am curious to find the new perspective this book has the potencial to offer. I would love to breoaden my reading spectrum and I consider this book to be a great start.

5) Biggest Disappointment

It took me a while to pick a book that I found disappointing and I’m sad to have picked a really good book, however I found it to be the one to disappoint me the most so far. It’s no secret that Charleigh Rose is one of my favourite authors. I read 3 other books by her and I feel head over hills in love with them: with the plot, the characters everything. The moment I dived into this novella I had high expectations that I will love this story just as much. I went in blind, knowing almost nothing at all about it, and by the end I felt something was missing. The story jumped around a bit, skipping some time that I thought could be included to add to the story. Even though I over all liked the novella, it was a solid 4-star read, I wish it covered more than just a romance just as her other books do.

6) Biggest Surprise

I usually don’t read historical fiction and I had little interest in vikings until I watched a few episodes of the TV show “Vikings”. I discovered it’s much more to this ancient culture than I could ever imagine and I learned about in history class. Although this story was romanticized I found it refresing and a nice surprise. I think this book was a great start of the year and I recommend you check this story out.

7) Favorite new author

An author I discovered this year and I would love to read more of her work is Laura Thassala. I loved her writing style and even though I found the book I read, Rhapsodic, ti have some similarities with “A court of thorns and roses” by Sarah J Mass, the story still was original. The characters were interesting and well developed. For me, Laura Thassala has the potencial of becoming an all time favourite author. Also, I would like to read some more of Nikki Bloom’s novellas.

8) Newest Fictional Crush

It must be Leo Thompson from “Love, Autumn” by Nikki Bloom. This character was so sweet and thoughtful and real that it made me fall in love with him. He gave me good, fun vibes that I think are great for summer, but I would not consider this a short fluffy summer read.

9) Newest favourite character

One of the characters I liked deeply is Dez, also known as the Barginer from Rapsodic by Laura Thassala. Even though I found him to be an increadible boyfriend, the story didn’t have such a big focus on the romance, but rather on the depth of each character’s personality. Dez is one of those characters that get stuck in your mind and sometimes wish to have around as a friend to hang out with.

10) A Book that made you cry

Only two books made me cry this year and I decided to go with Love, Autumn by Nikki Bloom. One of the characters in this book suffers of cancer, and for me, that is a for sure tear bringer. Personally, a character suffering of cancer, no matter if it is the main character or another, is somewhat of a trigger worrning. I ended up really enjoying this read and the romance was really cute and enjoyable and I liked that it focused on the couple more than anything, which added to the plot in my opinion, with it being a novella.

11) A Book That Made you Happy

The Rosmary Beach series is one I love and gives me the happy summery vibes. It reminds me of great summers in the past as all the books, but this one where read during summer time. This one wasn’t an exeption! Getting back and redescovering some of my favourite characters just made me happy.

12) What books do you need to read by the end of the year?

Honestly, it’s hard for me to even get started on this topic. There are so many books I would love to read and so many great story that diserve my attention and love! But I will try to narrow down the list to three other than I have not already mentioned in my last post. Hopefully I will also get around to finish all of them by the end of 2020, but here they are:

I have been meaning to read something by Hemingway for a while now. I kept hearing how good his books are, but I never got arounf to reading anything by him. I picked To Have and Have Not as my first book by him as I found the synopsis intriguing, but I am curious what do you think would be the best book to start with?

All I know about this book is that it is a classic love story and that’s all I need to know. I have never seen the movie nor do I have much knowledge about the plot, but I would love to chang that by reading the book. I am intrigued by referance love stories, just like Romeo and Juliet by W. Shakespeare or Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte, and I have a feeling this is one of those.

This book was quite hyped on many platforms and I want to read it for myself and make my own opinion about it. I have been meaning to read more LGBTQA+ books, but I don’t usually go to them as a first option. I haven’t read many in the past, the only one I remember to have read is Simon and the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli and I didn’t like it that much. I know it might be an unpopular opinion, however it was just an ok book with characters I no character I was trully fond of. I hope I will like this book more and that I will read more from this subgenre.

Although I sometime wish I had a review for all the books I have read this year, sometimes life gets in the way of our passions and that is all right. Maybe I will reread some of these books and write a review then, when I have more experience with it and a different perspective of the story. How would you answer these questions? Have you read any of the book I mentioned above? I would love to know!


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