Beauty and the Beast Book Tag

Hi there bookworms! How are you all doing?

I was in the mood of posting something today, but I didn’t want it to be a review. Luckly while I was searching for some fun book tags I could do, I came across the Beauty and the Beast Book Tag. This particular tag was quite popular in 2017, but that does not mean I can’t do it now, right?

This tag was created by  Kristy @Kristy and the Cat Read.

“Tale As Old As Time” – A popular theme, trope or setting you’ll never get bored of reading

Well, for this one I think I will be going with The Love Triangle. I could never get tired of this, and I heard that The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare has an unforgettable love triangle. I can’t wait to give it a try!

Belle – A book you brought for its beautiful cover that’s just as beautiful inside too. 

Here, I would have chosen Five Feet Apart by Rachel Lippincott, but I already talked about it so much! For this prompt, I am going to go with Frozen Beauty by Lexa Hillyer. I bought the book as soon as it was released (March 2020) because of its cover. The story was just as beautiful. I already wrote a review for the book, if you want to check it out!

Beast – Book you didn’t expect much from but pleasantly surprised you.

I think you have seen me talking about A Pinch of Magic by Michelle Harrison a ton of times, but I can’t get over the fact that it was so much better than I expected! I am not normally a fan of middle-grade books, but this novel was such a hit! I can’t wait to read the next book in the series (A Sprinkle of Sorcery).

Gaston – A book that everyone loves that you don’t

I tried to read Hollow Kingdom by Kira Jane Buxton in April, but I DNF it after 30%. I just couldn’t get into it, and the saddest part is that I loved the synopsis. I had such high expectations.

Lefou – A loyal sidekick you can’t help but love more than their counterpart

For this prompt, I don’t have any response. I don’t remember any sidekick from the books I’ve read, so I will leave this one blank.

Mrs. Pott, Chip & Cogsworth  – A book that helped you through a difficult time or that taught you something valuable

I haven’t read any book that helped me get through a rough time, but I surely read one that gave me a valuable lesson. Hands down to All Your Twisted Secrets by Diana Urban and Five Feet Apart by Rachel Lippincott (I will recommend this book for the rest of my life).

“Something There” –  A book or a series that you weren’t into at first but picked up towards the end

Ahhh, I don’t have any book to talk about here. For the past months, I focused myself on debut novels and stand-alone books, so I can’t say anything of a series. I will start reading the Lunar Chronicles, Outlander, and ACOTAR soon enough, and perhaps then, I will be able to say something here.

“Be Our Guest” –  A fictional character you’d love to have over for dinner

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the moment we all have been waiting for…

SABER from Glitter by Aprilynne Pike! I loved him so much, and I can’t wait to see what happens to him in the next book. Sadly, I haven’t found any fanart featuring him, but perhaps I’ll make one in the future.

Did you enjoy reading these answers? I would love to see yours too!

Feel free to tag me if you do this challenge, and I can’t wait to read your answers!


  • Thank the person who tagged you.
  • Mention the creator → Kirsty @Kirsty and the Cat Read.
  • Match a book to each of the songs/characters below.
  • Tag as many people as you like.

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