June: Read-A-Thons and TBR

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I’ve lowkey been waiting for June since May started. It may be because school ends (the online classes are just a hot mess), but it is also because in June are some pretty awesome readathons happening. As you might already know, I’ve recently started reading again, and of course, I had to participate in readathons. They’re a fun way for me to complete this year’s challenge, and I am also meeting new people. What do you want more?
I try to choose only 3 readathons at a time, as there might be a lot of books piling up. As much as I love reading, I can’t read 20 books in a month, and you’ll see that some books are repeating.
If you want to know more about readathons, you can check last month’s post about them. I tried to give some examples as well as definitions for a better understanding. Click here to go the post. Anyway, without further ado, here are the readathons I will participate in this month:

1. Mith-Take

This readathon was created by two amazing people @frolic_fiction and @charkar_ (on Twitter). I came across this one while searching on Little Book Owl (she has a readathon calendar) for some challenges for June. This one is mainly focusing on Fantasy and Mythology books, but you can also read other genres of books because most of the prompts allow it. I will not go in too much detail because this readathon is very complex. You have four categories of characters, and each one has 4 mythological creatures (example: there is the sorcerer team, and you can become a witch, a goddess, an oracle or a faerie). Each category has four different prompts, and you have to read books in function of them, so you can become your character (example: if you want to be a witch, you have to read 4 books) One interesting fact is that you have to read the books in order of the prompts. There is a lot more than this, so I suggest to go to @frolic_fiction‘s announcement video. Click here to watch it. She explains the rules and the roles thoroughly, and even if you haven’t participated in the past years to this readathon, you will understand everything.

The prompts and everything else is here.

I suggest to sign up to their Discord Server. All the pieces of information you need are in the #info-and-faq section and there is so much more. These two are also having a Book Club and every two months you have to read a book. It is usually announced there and people can talk about it. This year I’ll participate too.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I like making printable spreadsheets for the readathons I participate in, and this month is no different. I tried something different this time: I added images! They are ten times cuter, and the best part, they are completley free. There are 16 roles, and it would take me forever to make a spreadsheet for each of them, so I made only 4 for the sorcerer team. I made them as neutral as possible, and all the images are taken from Pinterest. Here I’ll insert a link to my Drive account.

I decided to go with the witches, and I already made my character. I haven’t crossed paths (she’s a 100% witch), and her name is Yodassa. I made her with the Sims 4 creator. Isn’t she cute? :)) I’m thinking of writing a short story about her, so if you want to see it, keep an eye on my Twitter. (@kariebyname)


2. Witcher-A-Thon

Haven’t read the books, never played the games, but the most importat, didn’t even watch the series. All of these, and yet here I am, participating in this readathon. This challenge was created in March by @whovianlibrari1 this year, and it is not very popular. I came across it on Little Book Owl and when I saw it, I knew I wanted to participate. The rules are very simple and you are allowed to double the prompts (unlike Myth-Take). All of the information can be found on their Twitter page (@ThonWitcher) and on their Discord server (I advice you to join). Do not foget to sign in and choose your team! At the end of the month the team with the most points will win.

Thank Lord this readathon doesn’t have as many roles and teams as the one before, because I had to make a spreadsheet for it too. You can already find it on my Twitter page, but I’ll put it here too. Click here to go to my drive.


3. The Olympic Games

I have to be honest, but I thought this month I’ll only take part in two readathons. To my happiness, while scrolling on twitter, I came across de Olimpic Games. I was over the moon to see what was it about. This challenge has been created by @ishi_time in April, and already has a lot of followers. You are allowed to join the team of a god or a goddess and to help your team receive points, you have to read books. To complete this readathon you have to read 5 books, but if you finish them earlier, there are some special prompts you can follow. I won’t say anything more, as Ishi explains everything in detail in her announcement video. Click here to watch it. The Quiz she proprosed can be used by you to choose a team. Before starting you have to declare your team. Here is the form.

Information and Prompts Booklet: https://drive.google.com/open?id=10fm…

This time I used the same pattern for all the spreadsheets, and only changed the prompts. They’re not very creative, but there is a lot of space where you can doodle or draw. It is up to you! I made one spreadsheet for each team and there are 12 in total. Click here to go to my drive.

MY TO BE READ LIST FOR THE OYMPIC GAMES. (I’m going with Athena’s team)


*If there are any mistakes on the printable sheets, please excuse me! If you want to use them, but there are mistakes, just contact me and I’ll remake and post them again. Have a nice day!


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