ARC REVIEW: The Goddess Twins by Yodassa Williams

Title: The Goddess Twins

Author: Yodassa Williams

Date of publication: May 19th, 2020

Publisher: SparkPress

Print length: Paperback, 208 pages

Genre: Fiction, Fantasy, Young Adult

Edition: ebook (ARC)

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signature-fonts ★★★☆☆

Writing Quality 3/5, Character Development 3/5, ‘Couldn’t put it down’ – ness 2/5, Intellectual Depth 3/5, Originality 5/5, Overall 3.2/5.


Mixed-feelings is what I have for this book. I will be honest, I chose this book not because I liked the cover or the description, but because I found the title odd, ‘The Goddess Twins’… I requested the book on NetGalley, and after a few days, I receive a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

The action floats around Aurora and Arden. The two and their mother travelled around the world since they were little kids and after a while, they settled down in Cincinnati, Ohio. Their mother is a famous opera singer, and only a few days before their eighteen birthday, she decided to go to London to replace someone on a show. Only a few hours after she left, the girls find out she has been kidnapped. While on their journey to rescue their mother, they find the truths she has been hiding from them all this time. Arden and Aurora are goddesses! They reconnect with their family and they find out about their destiny, but will the twins have what it takes to save their mother from the evil?

The characters are well developed, and I liked that about the book. The protagonists, as well as the other characters, have had a great story behind them, and that was the only reason I kept reading. Some things that I found quite original were the names of the characters, and I appreciate that about the story. Some examples are one of the cousins of the twins, Leolidessa, their grandmother Ghani or Selene’s brother, Teresh.

The action wasn’t extraordinary. Sometimes I felt like there wasn’t much to it and that the author kept writing without a clear purpose in her head. It didn’t make a lot of sense, and I couldn’t see the logic behind the events. At the same time, her style of writing was exceptional, and I couldn’t put the book down. It is quite hard to explain, I’ll give you that!

The novel started promising, and I had high expectations for it. The prologue settled down the theme of the book and kept me at the edge of my seat. I was eager for the first chapter to start after finishing the prologue. As soon as I got deeper into the book, I realized the chapters were quite long. In a 208-page novel, there were only 7 chapters, the prologue and the epilogue, and if we play a bit with the calculator, we will see that a chapter has about 23 pages. That might not sound like a lot of pages, but it felt that way while reading. Another thing that pissed me off while reading was the format of the book. Some words were split up, and it was quite annoying. I will insert some pictures of my kindle, so you can see what I’m talking about.

The book has great potential and there is a fair chance to a sequel. Although I didn’t vibe with this novel, and giving the fact that the novel has been the first-ever to be published book of the author, I will recommend it for further reading.


“As a child, I knew that writers are magicians. I quietly craved but feared to believe that I – small, brown, awkward me – could harness the power to weave worlds and stir emotions from markings on a page.”

The Description was taken from her book, The Goddess Twins.


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