Married to The Don by Nicole Fox

Book info:

Title: Married to the don

Author: Nicole Fox

Date of publication: March 2020

Genre: Romance, Dark, Adult

Format: ARC

You can buy this book from Amazon

Rating: ★★★☆☆

CAWPILE rating: Character Development 5/10, Atmosphere 7/10, Writing Quality 9.5/10, Plot 7/10, Intrigue 7/10, Logic 6.5/10, Enjoyment 6.5/10, Overall 6.93/10 equals to 3/5 stars.

Goodreads description:

My baby’s father wants me dead.

I didn’t ask to carry a mobster’s baby.

But he never gave me a choice.

The man who gave me my son stole my innocence in return.

And now, his Bratva brother is coming to finish what he started.

Viktor Kornilov is a cold-blooded beast.

His name alone makes my blood run cold.

But his cruel touch makes my heart beat faster and faster.

We’re trapped in a high-stakes game of lies and violence.

One wrong move, and he’ll take my son away.

So when he gives me his sinful offer

—become his fake wife or become his latest victim—

The only answer I can give is yes.


I have found an ARC of this book with the help of a friend, and I was very excited to get into it. So I am determined to come up with a review, even if it’s later than the publication date. After having finished the book, I think that maybe it just wasn’t for me.

At first, I was so pleasantly surprised by how enjoyable and how well written the book was. I love dark romances, but I have been keeping my distance from mafia stories due to bad past experiences. However, this novel exceeded my past experiences. Up to the point where I got nearly to the halfway point in the book, I truly believed it’s going to be one of my new favourites. But it turned out I was in for a wild ride.

In theory, the premise of the book sounded great to me, and the writing was so good, but I thought the characters were lacking. I disagreed with some plot points, but I could overlook that. After all, it’s just a story so not seeming relatable wasn’t a turn-off. But I think what was most disappointing was the character development. Despite the fact that the main characters were round and kind of complex, all others were flat and too little present to add anything to the story. Even Fedor, Viktor’s brother has only the same range of characteristics to him: he’s evil, manipulative and impulsive. I have the impression that even if someone has the main trait, we humans come ion layers and there is more than what meets the eye. With Nicole Fox’s characters, I didn’t get that. They are flat and the roles come in extremes: only black and white, no greys in between. The only character that was complex was Molly and I had some issues with her as well. Viktor’s role I liked the most, but he was trying too hard to be the “good guy” and he wouldn’t commit on certain activities that were involved by his position as a mafia leader. I didn’t like that the relationship between Viktor and Molly felt very instant-lovey. I can understand that some people have instant chemistry and instant attraction but from my point of view, the story wanted to have a hate-to-love relationship between the main characters and that wasn’t achieved. It felt fake and forced.

The end is somewhat contradictory to the beginning, but I can only assume it sets up the story for the next novel in the series. Not only that, but people also lie. So what would have stopped Viktor to have lied at the beginning of the book? So I don’t think that took from the enjoyment but added to the intrigue. The best part of the book was the writing. It was written so well: the descriptions were complex and the dialogues were dynamic.

Honestly, I would give the next book in the duet a try at some point, only because the ending intrigued me and I would like to see how the author tackles how the story ended. As I previously said, I don’t think this book was for me and I don’t try to say that it was a bad book. I will give another book by Nicole Fox a try as there were certain aspects I enjoyed.

About the author (description taken from Goodreads):

Nicole Fox writes smart, sexy mafia romance novels. She is a crazy cat lady in her late 30s with a coffee addiction, an overactive imagination, and a husband who somehow puts up with her impulsive need to keep buying new plants for their house.

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